Why a Catamaran is the Best Choice for Malta’s Waters

Hey, sea lover! Planning to glide through the shimmering Maltese waters? If you’re nodding (and we know you are), hold onto your sailor hat because we’re about to let you in on the best-kept secret of the Maltese archipelago: the mighty catamaran.


1. Two Hulls, Double the Fun!

First things first. With two hulls instead of one, catamarans are the ultimate party animals of the sea. Picture this: You, sunbathing on a spacious deck, sipping an ice-cold drink, with Malta’s majestic coastline as your backdrop. Dreamy, right?

2. Stability is the Name of the Game

Feel a bit wobbly on regular boats? Fear not! Thanks to their dual-hull design, catamarans are as stable as a seasoned sailor after one too many rums. That means fewer seasickness episodes and more time perfecting your dance moves to the rhythm of the waves.

3. Shallow Waters? No Problem!

You’re cruising along and spot a secluded cove. The kind you’d see on postcards, shimmering in all its untouched glory. With a monohull, you’d think twice. But with a catamaran? You can easily navigate shallower waters and drop anchor closer to the beach. Go on, be that adventurer who discovers secret Maltese hideaways!

Blue Lagoon’s shallow waters

4. Speedy Gonzalez of the Seas

Time is of the essence when there’s so much to explore. Catamarans, my friend, have a need for speed. They’ll whisk you from the Blue Lagoon to the hauntingly beautiful Blue Grotto in a jiffy. More sights, less time. Win-win!

5. Roomy Interiors for All Your Treasures

Traveling with friends? Packed every swimsuit you own? The catamaran’s got you covered. With its spacious design, there’s room for everyone and everything. And if you’ve picked up some Maltese souvenirs (yes, the larger-than-necessary ceramic fish counts), there’s space for those too!

6. Sunset Views Like No Other

Imagine witnessing the sun melting into Malta’s horizon, its fiery oranges and passionate purples reflecting on the water. Now, picture this on a catamaran’s wide deck. Pure magic, right? You won’t just watch a sunset; you’ll experience it.

The best sunsets

7. Be the Captain of Your Adventure

Catamarans give you the freedom to chart your own course. Fancy a midnight swim under the stars? Or a sunrise breakfast in a secluded bay? With a catamaran, your Maltese water escapade is truly yours to design.

In short, if you’re looking to amplify your Maltese sea adventure, there’s no better companion than a trusty catamaran. So, adventurous soul, ready to ride the waves with style and flair? Malta’s waters are calling, and the catamaran is your answer. Dive in and let the fun begin! 🌊🐱‍🏍🌅

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