3 Things you don’t know about Comino

Do you know how small the population of Comino is? According to the latest information, there are only two residents. And there are many unforgettable places to see in the area. And what better way to do that than renting a boat?


Until the 17th century, Comino was inhabited by pirates as a resting place.

The abundance of caves around was suitable for hiding places. Don’t you want to go for a boat trip around the same caves?

The Santa Maria caves is a cave system located on the North side of Comino. They are known as Pirate caves because they used to be a hiding place for pirates.

P31 Patrol Boat

The boat was a patrol boat by the armed forces of Malta. P31 Wreck was involved in saving missions including immigrants.

In 2009 the boat was scuttled, made safe for both divers and the environment and became an artificial dive site.

It is suitable for advanced divers, free diving and it can be seen from the surface so it is perfect for snorkeling.

The boat has an interesting story that you can dive into while sailing over it.


Comino is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary.

You can see more about the different species of birds, as well as the option to report an injured bird or illegal hunting Home – BirdLife Malta

There are many species of birds to be seen but the most common is Yelkouan Shearwater pairs who reproduce there.

Besides the famous Blue Lagoon, Comino hides interesting facts and places that are waiting to be explored by you.

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